Art in Black and White” at CRAFT Gallery

CRAFT Gallery opens “Art in Black and White” on Friday, August 5th. Working in black ad white helps the artist as well as the viewer  to look an  object from a different perspective, unencumbered by the element of color. Wether it is drawing, weaving, stitching, shaping clay or blowing glass, black and white tells a story in its simplest language. David Jacobson’s glass pieces are a perfect example of the purity of form expressed in black and white with little embellishment. Quilter Daphne Taylor’s love of drawing and painting influences her embroidery in cotton and metallic threads on wool and silk. Hand quilting to Taylor is equivalent to the act of drawing. She has limited herself to black and white and gold thread  for the pieces in this show. She has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. Her Quaker background reflects in the meditative thread lines in her quilts. Joining these two artists in this invitational show are Tim Christensen, Lissa Hunter, Sara Hotchkiss, Jan owen, Amy Smith and Susan Van Campen. 

CRAFT Gallery introduces jewelry by Katharina Keoughan, a versatile artist and painter who has turned her creative energy to making jewelry out of the unlikely material of sheet foam. She cuts out abstract shapes and designs to fabricate necklaces, bracelets and earrings into stunning  and bold wearable ornaments of art.  All artists shown at CRAFT live and work in Maine, creating fine craft represented in private collections and major art institutions as valued works of art. The show will continue until September 1st. 

CRAFT Gallery is in the courtyard at 12 Elm Street in Rockland. FMI call 207 594 0167 and visit 


David Jacobson - Glass Art                    Daphne Taylor - Quilting                Katharina Keoughan - Jewelry