On October 5th, CRAFT Gallery opens its final show of the 2018 season with “Erasing the Line Between Fine Art and Craft” in celebration of October’s National Craft Month. It is a group show of work by Maine masters Morris Dorenfeld, Lynn Duryea, Paul Heroux, Sara Hotchkiss, Lissa Hunter, David Jacobson, Jan Owen, George Pearlman, Jacques Vesery and Dudley Zopp. These fine artists use craft materials and techniques to create their art. They demonstrate aesthetic, technical and material diversity, from age-old traditions to current technology. The techniques and materials range from drawing and painting, weaving, basketry,  sculpture, glass blowing, porcelain, terra-cotta and wood.

     Paul Heroux, maker of vessels, uses modern laser techniques to create surface decoration, using the ceramic vessel as a 3-dimensional painting surface referencing landscape, plant life and other ever-evolving subjects that interest him. Lynn Duryea, another ceramic artist, takes a structural approach, using construction and assembly techniques to build minimal geometric shapes with terracotta slabs and unadorned surface techniques with dry glazes in soft mellow tones. The results are simple, expressive and echo architectural forms of the past. Rug weaver Sara Hotchkiss borrows from the the rug tradition of hand manipulated tapestry technique, incorporating star, leaf, heart, flower and diamond motifs, combining the color fields of rag rugs with geometric tapestry techniques. All of the group are award winning artists who are collected nationally by major art institutions. Many of the artists will be present during the First Friday Art Walk on the evening of October 5th. The show will continue until November 7th when CRAFT closes for the season. FMI please call 207 594 0167 and visit

Lidded Vessel by Paul Heroux

Terra-cotta Sculpture by Lynn Duryea

Rag Rug by Sara Hotchkiss




CRAFT Gallery and Eco-Art Ventures offer a first time ever series  of private, behind the scenes visits in October to the studios of distinguished fine craft artists working in midcoast Maine. Experience the artists at work, learn about their methods and materials and have an exclusive opportunity to collect their work. They are represented in museum, university and private collections in the U.S. and abroad. All produce one of a kind work with no line drawn between fine art and craft. The full-day tours will visit three to four different studios on each of four Tuesdays in October. The groups will be small, limited to eight people, traveling together in a van down country roads during the height of the autumn foliage season, stopping at small family-owned rural cafes.The cost for each tour is $145 per person, which does not include the cost of lunch.




Tuesday, October 2:  Weaver Morris Dorenfeld, potter George Pearlman, and potterAutumn Cipala

Tuesday, October 9:  Weaver Sara Hotchkiss, sculptor J. R. Pyne, sculptor Jacque Vesery and jeweler Christine Peters

Tuesday, October 16:  Textile designer Fiona Washburn, collagist and bookmaker Abbie Read and glass blower David Jacobson

Tuesday, October 23:  Artist Dudley Zopp, calligrapher Jan Owen and potter Jody Johnstone




CONTACT: Lolly Mitchell, Eco-Art Ventures at 207 503 8688 or email lollym@midcoast.

                   Barbara Michelena, CRAFT Gallery at 207 594 0167 or email